0.1 mol NaCl tablets

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Article No: 
0.1 mol NaCl tablets
Pack Size: 
100 tablets
Solution Vol: 
5,844 g/tablet
Price: 35 EUR
0.1 mol NaCl tablets



  • Easy way to adjust NaCl concentration
  • Highest purity and quality
  • Exactly pre-weighed tablets
  • Ready to use in minutes 






Product description

0.1 ml NaCl tablets have been developed for use in many different applications. The tablets work perfektly in combination with Medicago´s Smart Buffers to adjust the sodium chloride concentration. To reach the desired sodium chloride concentration, simply add one tablet per 100mM needed in one litre.

Example 1

- Preparation of 1 litre of 50mM tris, 200 mM Sodium chloride pH 8
- Dissolve one pouch of tris buffer (art no. 12-9199-10) in 750 ml deionized water, make up to 1000 ml.
- Transfer 50 ml to a new bottle, add two tablets of 0.1 mol NaCl (art no. 09-0100-100), dissolve and
   make up to 1000 ml.
- Finished!


Example 2

- Preparation of 2 litre of 50mM Phosphate, 150mM Sodium chloride pH 7.4
- Dissolve the contents of one pouch of Sodium phosphate buffer (art no. 12-9531) and three tablets of
   0.1 ml NaCl (art no. 09-0100-100) in an bottle, and make up to 2000 ml.
- Finished!




  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Chromatography


Directions for use

Dissolve one tablet per 100 mM needed in one litre.


Shipping and storage

The NaCl tablets are shipped at room temperature. Store the tablets in a dry place at room temperature. Shelf life is five years at room temperature after production date.



Chemicals:Analytical grade chemicals ≥99,9 %
Format: Exactly pre-weighed tablets
Formulation: 0.1 mol NaCl/tablets, no additives
Weight: 5.844 gram/tablet
Weight precision: ± 0.03 gram
Volume: 1000 ml